Neither fish nor fowl.

She baked bread.

I don't want you in my house.

I'm looking for an inexpensive hotel.

Caffeine is a drug.

I love winter.

Hikers need to carry a compass with them to find their way through the woods.

Though I failed, I will try again.

Fred left his wife a large fortune.

This volume of ethanol cannot completely dissolve 0.5 g of the white solid.

Chet cooked all his own meals.

There was once a fat, ugly peasant who fell in love with a beautiful, blonde princess. One day, the princess kissed the ugly, fat peasant, and he magically transformed into a slender, handsome prince. At least, that's how she saw him. At least, that's how he felt.

I'm moving, so I need boxes for my belongings.


Hey! There's an American who speaks Uyghur here! Hurry up and get over here to inspect his computer!

Have you already finished?

It's a good thing that this happened during the rehearsal and not the performance!

Amayas is praying.

How long did it take you to get here?

He took it into his head to start the next morning.

You have to tell me something.


Mt. Asama is now dormant.

The birth rate and death rate were nearly equal.

Sometimes it's just best to avoid topics that might be controversial.


Comrade Shane fell in love with comrade Roderick.

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I'm offering you a better deal than you'll get anywhere else.

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I have trouble seeing the blackboard from the seat the teacher assigned to me.


You deserve to be congratulated.

This is only a horse.

Raanan will explain everything to you later.

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I'm not letting you do this alone.

It always snows here in winter.

Jeany returned Jagath's stare.

Don't call her that.

Just do what you want.

An aging population will require more spending on health care.

Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction.

Bring up a chair for me, please.

She is a maniac.

In addition to hiring me, he gave me a piece of advice.

I love carrots.

Are you suggesting that we ignore Emily's request.

You could've changed.


We are alway is some kind of danger.


Every right comes in hand with a duty.

In this group, there are my parents and my relatives.

I don't know why Noam isn't here.

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Here is the translation:


I saw her jump into the pool.

I want a friend.

He applied for a job with the Bank of Tokyo.

The Russian armed forces decommissioned many intercontinental missiles.

I'm clumsy.

That meant no.

What a trash!

Keep in touch by mail.

I've never been kidnapped.

I'm still training him.

Herb picked up the remote control.

What do I see?

Her daughter has a really pretty name.


I tried to make friends with the classmates.

I looked at him.

State your case briefly.

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I'll drive you somewhere.

I'd decided not to do that again.

Nothing scares us.

He was in the seventh heaven.

I can't believe Calvin is really planning on doing this.

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The 21st century is going to be based on economic power.

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My mother set the table.

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I'd be happy to tell Derek.

Not a few people think that all foreign-made articles are superior to ones made in this country.

The first centuries of superluminal space exploration proved that neighbouring space was mostly desert as other life discovered was in a primordial state.


It's only been one day.

I am very interested in those stories.

She thought of the fine autumn day when she had rushed home from school with the good news; she was chosen to be on the relay team.

Pay attention on the road.

I trusted her.

I must be going now.

The trodden ground became a quagmire...


You have to advertise.

He does not believe in evolution.

How much money do we have left?

Can I rest a bit?

Lead us, since you know the road.

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This is extremely hard.

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The wedding took place in the Ritz Hotel.

I'm going to be late for the meeting.

She is always complaining about my small salary.

He teases me all the time.

Don't make any quick decisions.

Was the money actually paid?

I guess you're right.


A certain hallmark of wisdom is the cheerful benevolence it confers.


It seems that the store is closed today.

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He is saving money so that he may buy a motorcycle.

I think that I'm just exhausted.

I go to P.E. class just so I can watch sweaty boys running around in shorts.

I spent two hours watching television last night.

Geoffrey doesn't tell lies.

We have a good view of the sea from the window.

He is a poet of a sort.


I didn't have any good way of explaining it.

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Ninja didn't take it personally.


I lived overseas for ten years.

Tell me who you thought I was.

She knew me.

Smoking is a danger to your health.

This is discouraging.

Do you have a house?

Eduardo gave Mahesh a cup of coffee.

Do you have smaller sizes?

He celebrated New Year's Eve alone.

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Samuel could go home if he wants to.


Did you get a good look?

I plan to stay in the city.

No sooner had he arrived than he fell sick.

I like your techno dance moves.

Ralf told me about you.

My friend was angry at the news.

When he was a student, he went to the disco only once.

I knew that she had drawn well in her childhood.

Her faith in God is unshaken.

The bomb has been planted.

Little birds sing merrily.

Eat up.

Why would someone with Marion's experience need our help?


I'm probably not as tired as Michel is.

Don't you drag me into this.

His eyes were blazing with anger.


Your action has offended his dignity.


This analysis is divided in two parts.

I thought you might be mad at me.

In present day Japan, "alchemy" is only used metaphorically; to refer to improper means of making money by politicians or religious hucksters with no morals or shame.


Zucchinis are green.


I'm sure Patricia meant what he said.


It was a pale, wild, haggard face, in a great cloud of black hair, pressed against the glass.

Tigger gave a wide yawn.

He said that necessity is the mother of invention.

Get to class.

I noticed you weren't at home last night.

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The murderer is still at large.

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You've misjudged the situation.


He betrayed my confidence.

Who notified us?

You can't be friends with everybody.


Am I a prisoner?

The unemployment rate went up to 5%.

I put Milton after Dante.


Glynn went on a camping trip with his family.


He made the most of his opportunity.

Only in every third German household meals are cooked daily yet.

The treaty bans the use of chemical weapons.

I said that I would help Turkeer.

The child had no overcoat on although it was very cold.

Daniel forgot to renew his passport.

Space dust may not sound very dangerous, but when even a tiny object is moving many times faster than a bullet, it can cause injury.

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Matthew is just right for the job.